Dr Shainhouse of SkinSafe Dermatology in Beverly Hills treats warts in both children and adults. Warts are common growths on the skin that are caused by an HPV virus. They can persist for years without treatment. They can remain small or grow large and painful, and can sometimes spread to surrounding skin.

Warts can develop anywhere on the skin, but are most common on the feet, fingers, face and genital area. They are contracted by direct skin contact with the virus. Most HPV strains create benign warts. There are a few known strains that can trigger the development of squamous cell skin cancers, including cervical and penile cancers. The Gardisil vaccine may help prevent these wart-induced cancers, if given prior to HPV exposure. Treatment of warts can include topical peeling agents, paring, cryotherapy, blistering agents and immune stimulants.